Affordable Education

Dennis plans to introduce a bill to the House called the U.S. Affordable Education Act of 2019. There are currently 44 million outstanding student loans in the U.S. That amounts to just over $1 trillion. Dennis believes young Americans should be able to purchase a home and start a family instead of paying off student loans. He believes that predatory loans are unacceptable. The Affordable Education Act would look at what tuition and fees were at any institution in 1980, then adjust for inflation. For instance, if the tuition was $110 at that time, it would be $325 today. Additionally, all junior colleges would be free.

Furthermore, Dennis will submit a companion bill titled The American Forgiveness Act. This bill will ensure up to 90% of individual student loans to be forgiven. The bill will allow millions who were victims of predatory loans to move forward with their lives and purchase homes, buy cars, get married, and have children rather than squandering their earnings by paying off unfair debts.