Dennis and Linnea.

Dennis and Linnea.

Meet Dennis

Dennis Duncan was born in the small town of Nevada, Missouri (about 100 miles south of Kansas City). His father was a carpenter and bricklayer and his mother was a nurse. When Dennis was seven years old, his family moved to California. His maternal grandparents had moved to California in 1934 from the panhandle of Oklahoma.  They had lost their farm to the Dust Bowl but with hard work they soon had another plot of land just outside of Oroville.

Dennis grew up in Paradise, California. In 1982 he graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in psychology. Because his family was low income, he received financial aid to get through school. Dennis has never forgotten that and he decided that it was his responsibility to help others to try and repay the debt he feel he owes society for the incredible education he had received.

And so Dennis became a social worker. During the course of his career he has primarily worked with children, although he did spend about ten years working with the homeless population in Chico. Since 2002 he has worked in the field of Child Welfare in Glenn and Butte counties.

Dennis has a 24 year-old daughter from his first marriage. She will be entering the School of Social Work at California State University, Humboldt in the Fall of 2017. He gained 2 stepsons and three granddaughters when he married Linnea 6 years ago. His oldest stepson served in the Army until 2012 and did two tours of Afghanistan. His younger stepson is a musician and works at the Boys & Girls Club in Paradise. Linnea is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Paradise. Dennis considers her his closest adviser and the strength in his life.

Dennis has been a Democrat all of his adult life. He remembers his grandmother telling him about Franklin Roosevelt and how he had rebuilt the country after the “rich Republicans” had almost destroyed it. How he and another Democrat, Harry Truman, had led the country through a World War and how other Democrats had gotten our country to the moon.

Our country is having difficult times once again. These are the times that call for a Democrat. A democrat like Dennis who will put families first.